Меридиан 22
World School
International Baccalaureate


Още творчество на любовна тематика

16.02.2018 г.

В деня, празнуван от мнозина като ден на влюбените, нашите страхотни творци от 9. клас се вдъхновиха от Шекспир, Шели и Робърт Бърнс и създадоха свои собствени произведения на любовна тематика, при това на английски!
Представяме ви спонтанно възникналата колекция от любовна лирика на 9. клас.

Далия и Паула:
The only thing I could do
Was chase the winds of loneliness.
But fearlessly you approached me.
My emotions arose.
How should I answer?
What should I do?
I warmed up to the feeling of solitude
Unknowing of what kindness is.
But you heard my cries for help
And blew away the loneliness.
And my world began.

You’re the screaming void
Pulled me down for all my sins.
You’re cute but evil.

It’s hard…
To find love is like finding yourself, it’s hard.
To find love is like building a wall, it’s hard.
To find love is like bringing your favourite person back to life, it’s hard.
But the hardest thing is to lose love and go on.
Yeah, it’s hard.

Roses are red
I’ve heard that.
My heart without you
It’s all faded black.
Violets are blue
And it’s also a cliché.
Today I’m absent-minded
Tryin’ to live in some worthless way.
Without your love
Mine is a round-shaped zero.
Doesn’t matter any imperfections
In my eyes you’re a hero.

Girl, I can’t hold it
That much longer
The waves of love are
Getting stronger
The distance between us
Is getting shorter
Girl, my heart is full of love.