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Through high quality education to a better world!

Through high quality education to a better world!

Through high quality education to a better world!

  • 14.01.2019


    Meridian 22 High School announces the launch of the 2019/2020 school year admissions campaign.Registration for entry exam for the 8th grade  and IB Diploma Programme starts on 21 January. You can read more about the application requirements, the dates and the exams in the Ädmissions" section of our website. For further information, appointment with the Head of school and registration for the exams please contact us by phone- +3592 9718024; +359879 409174.

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  • Japanese language and culture courses


    This school year Meridian 22 Private School offers its students and the public courses in Japanese language and culture.

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Admission policy

Admission to 8th grade

Admission to 11th IB grade

Scholarships for students in the IB Programme


My daughter feels happy and satisfied in her new school and that is the most important fact for me as a mother.

Lilia Georgieva
Mother of Ani Dimitrova

Dear parents and friends

For the fifteen years of its existence Meridian 22 Private School has established itself and has taken a stand in Bulgarian as well as in European education. Over the years we haven’t ceased searching for those dimensions of the educational process which ensure our graduates both elite and modern education and joyful everyday experience with the sciences and arts. At present our school strides confidently along the road of its development – always forward.

The goals are ambitious because we clearly realize our responsibility and mission: to form and educate tomorrow’s worthy members of a globalized European community. In our teaching we rely on the latest educational practices and methods, as well as on bringing up our children in the spirit of patriotism and profound knowledge of the national traditions.

Our priorities lie in reaching a high educational level and, at the same time, developing personalities with solid values, faith in their own abilities and tolerance towards others. This is the main reason why our school ensures a favorable socio-cultural environment and a suitable psychological climate for all our students. Thus they are able to communicate adequately, to develop to the full their abilities, to pursue their dreams, to capture the light of knowledge.

In "Meridian 22" we insist on the strict selection, the pedagogical skills and the high qualifications of our teachers. Their competence, dedication and warmth embraces each student from the first to the last day in our school. Our team considers their work a calling. The calling to turn teaching into a stimulating and creative interaction between students and teachers, which is a solid foundation for a successful future realization and an unforgettable experience for all of us.

Dear parents, let us open widely the gates to the enchanting world of dreams, ambitions and knowledge for your children.

Dear students, take the outstretched hand of a true friend - Meridian 22, the school of your future.

Eng. Radka Stamenova